Korean Sweet Potato Noodles

Crowd Pleaser

It’s a vegan AND gluten-free dish.  I don’t know how many of those I have in my repertoire, but at a recent gathering at my home the other day, when I realized I had more vegan and gluten-free guests than meat eaters.  I had to come up with a dish–not crudite and hummus–for them to… 

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Opah Crudo

Opah! Kanpachi!

My 10 year old and I eat sushi at least once a week.  And not the rolls of rice and stuff; the real sashimi deal.  We go to a place in LA called Sugar Fish; where we order the ‘Trust Me’, which is an omakase-style chef’s choice of the freshest fish.  It’s pretty much always… 

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10 Minute Pantry Pasta

Pantry Pasta

It didn’t really need the bottarga, but it sure took this pantry pasta to the next level.  My equally umami-taste budded teen age niece is visiting and having two kids around has also taken things to another level–of super mom-dom.  If I haven’t mentioned this to all my friends with more than one kid–wow.  I… 

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sunchoke latke

Sunchoke, Quinoa, Kale Cakes

It began with left over quinoa.  I haven’t made those yummy quinoa mushroom sliders in a while and they sound so good right about now.  Except for…no mushrooms in the house!  I had just gone to the farmers market and didn’t pick any up, but did have some sunchokes / Jerusalem artichokes on hand.  Feeling too lazy… 

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Leaves of parsley, celery, arugula, watercress

Green Leaves and Tonno

Upon the server’s recommendation, our table ordered a ‘Tonno’ at Chef Antonia Lofaso’s Venice restaurant, ‘Scopa Italian Roots’.  When this tiny dish of what looked like celery leaves, arugula and canned tuna arrived, I think the entire table was disappointed–like, really?  Celery leaves, arugula and Starkist?   We each took a bite, and it was… 

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Mushroom Ragu

Mushroom Monday

This may have been one of easiest, quickest, and most satisfying meals I’ve made at home in a long time.  When it comes to ‘meatless’, my go-to is the mushroom.  It cooks and eat just like a meat, and it holds it own as part of a hearty dish.  I was able to find parts… 

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cauliflower soup

Cauliflower Soup(s)

  This is a gateway dish.  Say ‘vegan’ to me and you’ll get a groan.  I’m not opposed, but no ‘vegan’ dish is anything I’ve ever craved or gave a second thought to after eating it.  But this one did it for me.  I’ll walk through the farmer’s market and see a beautiful head of… 

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Vadouvan Lamb Neck

Va Va Voom Lamb

I think I’ve tried everything on the chi spacca menu and can’t get enough.  I always get the house made soppressata and pork butter charcuterie.  If we have a quorum of more than four, the 40 oz bistecca is a must.  The other night we ordered the lamb stracotto for the first time and I… 

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